Happy P-New Year

phone chat numbers IsabellaTime for a brand new year with Mommy and her brats. I know you love my cock stroking tales of being such a good mom. Maybe you’re looking for that mommy, too, to take care of your own needs. Talking to you makes my pussy, oh, so wet. Let’s count down the minutes until 2016 with a mutual masturbation session. When the ball drops, we both hit that orgasmic peak and bring in the New Year with a scream. It’s just me and the youngsters this year. My tiny cock husband will be away on business, probably trying to find a woman will allow him to poke at her with all 4 inches. I promised to let him fuck me when he gets home so he can knock me up with another brat. That’s all he’s good for, brats and money, and cleaning up a creampie when my bull lovers comes to call. (or, HAHA, calls to cum, rather.) So, tell me your New Year resolution. Are you sissy or well hung stud? This mommy loves them all. I’ll be up all night on New Years Eve to play.

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