Phone Chat Lines Bring Fun Spankings to Your Door

phone chat lines

Master has me call him Daddy and said that we were going to play a little game today. I know I love games, so when he suggested some fun with the phone chat lines I thought he had gone bat crazy. It was not like him to want to let me play with others. He was okay with my phone chat numbers as long as I was him when I was supposed to do and this was Daddy’s time. He had me man the phone lines. After the first call he swatted me hard across my ass cheeks with his horse crop. I yelped. The sting of the whip left a big welt.
I sat down and did the second call. That earned me a second snap of the crop across my thighs, and another one in the same place as the very first. I giggles. I knew what game that Daddy was playing, and this was one of my favorites. By the end of the hour I had gotten 4 more calls and could barely sit down. I whimpered and sucked my bottom lip into my mouth. He pulled up close to me and put his cold hand on my warm welts. On the next call I bent over the desk. I winced expecting another lashing. That is when I felt his hand on either side of my hips.
I could feel his cock get close to my ass. He slid his member in between my ass cheeks up and down like he was sliding a credit card. I wined feeling the sting go through my bones as he brushed closer against my whelped ass. That is when he grabbed my hair, wrapped it around his hand and shoved his cock into my tight ass hole. He plowed into me with all his force, his giant rod fucking me hard. His thighs were beating against my swollen back side, but I loved every second of pain. He filled me up with his seed. It was a reward for being such a good sport in our game. Daddy appreciated me because I was a good girl.

phone chat numbers

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