Phone Chat Numbers with Makayla

Phone Chat Numbers

My first boyfriend was so much older than me. Not even legal yet and I was fucking a 30 year old. He was so fucking sexy and he opened my eyes to so many things. When we went out to bars he taught me how to get free drinks all night and how to not get carded. All I’d have to do was suck off the bouncer or go fuck him. He was real possessive. He made sure to know that he was my master and I had to do everything he told. I didn’t really like that but I did at the same time. He got me into doing phone sex. It was hot to be told what to do and when to do it and who to fuck. One day he brought home a bunch of friends. One by one they all checked me out. He pulled my panties down, And told me to bend over. Each of his friends smelled and tasted my cunt. Then handed him $100 each.

Phone Chat Lines

They each got 15 minutes with me. I was fucked by 6 guys. 6 of his friends paid to fuck me. I felt so fucking good, like a sexy woman who’s man was bugged and bugged about how she fucks. He finally broke down and let his friends fuck me for some quick cash. After that night I started having a craving for fucking. I have done everything I can. I go to sex parties, I find men at bars, I find men on different websites and its not just men. I fuck so many bitches and I have them working with me and for me. The money I made selling my tight underage cunt was mind blowing. I changed my speed and turned to phone sex. I love fucking so much that I have to talk about how many cocks Id like to take up my ass! 

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