Sissy BB Worships My Phone Chat lines!

Phone Chat Lines HeidiI always enjoy the conversation on my phone chat lines between me and my cum eating faggot sissy. When it comes to tormenting my cocksucking  sissy faggot, my sissy drool and strokes his overgrown clitoris and begs me to allow him to be fucked in the ass. I just love to be degrading and mean and listen to my sissy whimper begging me to expose him like a sissy faggot pathetic loser that he is. It’s a good thing since he likes to send me pictures of Phone Chat Numbers Heidihim in humiliating girly outfits with dildos up his sissy pussy. And yet still has issues with believing he is gay. Sissy Brendan Gay~Hill has been nonstop amusement for me. I enjoy tormenting him with my sweetly mean giggles and my threats of exposing him for real! He cannot get enough of begging to be humiliated! We spend most of our conversations when he calls my phone chat numbers going over how he could never be straight ever his cock is just way too small in fact it’s just an overgrown clitoris. Together me and Sissy have created a special hypnosis Sissy Humiliation phone sex Heidiprogram tailored to his specific needs. Which include cock big cock and pounding cock he just really needs cock. These special sessions I like to call sissy hypnosis acceptance therapy. For the most part we go over just how much he loves being humiliated how much he loves to wear bras and panties and how much he just loves being fucked in his sissy pussy. Together we have come quite a long ways.  and when he’s a good sissy I may even let him squirty squirt out of his piss stick. I told him one day I would show up with a leash and collar, and drag him into public as my personal pet. Sissy pet! begging with only a assless pair of pink painties! I would put a note on his back begging to be a fuck puppet, a sissy cum dump. He sounded scared, but I could have sworn I heard his clitty leaking!Sissy  Phone Sex Heidi

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