Phone Chat Numbers for Incest

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers for incest mommies are what you want. I became an adult operator, so I could share my family secrets. I love talking dirty about my offspring. They are in college now, but I still have fun with them. They have both been home for the summer with me and I am going to hate living alone again. When they are home, some one is waking up mommy with a tongue. How fucking hot is that? More often or not it is my daughter. She is straight up lesbo for mommy. She has the best cunt licking skills too. I know you might think my son would be the champion of pussy licking, but I think girls eat the best pussy. Part of it has to do with having a cunt. We know what feels the best to our pussies and we want to give that back to another girl, especially if the girl is mommy. But part of it too is if it is a daughter licking her mommy’s pussy, she wants to make her mommy feel good out of love.  My son watched his sister give me lots of love this morning. She ate my pussy so long and so good, when she finally came up for air, she looked like a glazed donut.

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