Phone Chat Numbers Gone Wild

phone chat numbers

My phone chat numbers are always ringing off the hook for my sexy baby doll voice! No man who has ever spoken to me can deny that my sexy stories or kinky role plays are what truly make them cum all over themselves! Different kinds of men call my phone chat numbers, whether it’s to talk about my wild sexcapades and all night drug ridden parties… or how much I really fucking love having piss, shit and cum sprayed all over my face after I get done being fucked. Either way I’m all about having a wild and crazy time as long as there is sex and drugs involved. I’m your all American, Dirty…no limits coke junkie whore. Having my phone chat numbers out there available to any man who stumbles across it on the web is equally enticing and arousing for me because I never know what kind of dirty, despicable things my mystery man is going to want to discuss..or even what he is going to do to me! I learn new ways to pleasure myself on the daily during my calls and I think that is what I look forward to most when I am talking to someone new. Just last night this really alluring older man taught me all about how to find my gspot more easily by using different fingers and reaching from a different angle! I put him on speaker phone and got down on my hands and knees to reach into my tight sugar hole more easier so he could hear how diligently I was thrusting against my sensitive gspot! He said he could even hear me squirt onto the floor once I got done giving myself the quickest gspot orgasm I have ever had by myself. I hope he calls me back really soon, because I’m ready to learn how to finger my asshole just the way he promised he would instruct me to do!

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