He called my phone chat numbers to abuse me!

phone chat numbersOMG he was so mean, so hateful, so cruel when he called my phone chat numbers, I barely made it out alive! I am a subby little slut and I always do as I am told but this man took that to the extreme for sure! It all started out like normal, he was fucking my face so hard that I choked and gagged on his cock, honestly I could barely breathe but I love being treated roughly so my pussy was dripping wet. Until he started to really beat me anyway! I am used to being hurt but this guy took it to a whole other level, I was bleeding and convinced that a few bones may be broken but still he wouldn’t stop! I used my safety word and was ignored, he just continued to beat me while he was fucking me and as much as I wanted to hate it, I just couldn’t. I was cumming all over his cock and thanking him… god I even begged for more like a shameless slut but when he was finished with me he just got up and left. I wonder if he will be back…

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