Submissive Sookie

phonesex (2)

I was in a cage…a bag over my head and my hands tied behind my back. I couldn’t see anything all I could hear were the footsteps coming for me. I knew I was about to be all used up, fucked hard and abused. Suddenly there are more hands than I can count grabbing at me. They have my nipples clamped and tug on them until I’m a pressed up against the bars…helpless I am. The bag is ripped off my head and my mouth is forced open, I am choking on cock, feeling my nipples being stretched, my cunt is being fingered, there is a thumb in my ass and I can feel so many other men reaching to touch me. They want me so bad, they want this bald pussy, and tight ass. The cage no longer protects me as they tie me up, I am at their mercy now – and they don’t show me any. I am fucked in all my holes, 2 cocks in my mouth at a time and all my slut limits tested…but I loved it.

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