A naughty Age play fantasy with Makayla

Age play fantasy

My tight pink cunt is always hungry for cock. My daddy has known that since I was just a little runt running around naked! He used to let me run around all the time naked. He even had me run around naked when his friends were here. He loved showing off my skills! I loved to suck on Popsicles  and I loved to do flips and stuff! Daddy always wanted be to do back bends, splits and flips all the time! I was soooo good at it that one day Daddies friend George wanted me to give him a private show and teach him how to do the flips. He was all red and out of breath by the time my daddy came in saying times up. He just sat there watching me inching his leg really fast! I think he had a super bad itchy spot. He was out of breath, red and all sweaty! The smile on daddies face when he counted the big handful of cash his friend gave him made his cock hard. Daddy has all of his friends pay for a private show but daddy never has to pay.

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