Grandma’s got something for you to play with!

grandma phone sexCome on over here baby, Grandma’s got something for you to play with! That’s right sweet boy, you crawl right up in between my thighs and lick my juicy pussy the way I like best. Oooh you are such a good boy for grandma! That’s right sweetie, slide those fingers deep inside me… if you do a really good job, grandma will give you her special kisses that you love oh so much! That’s right sweet baby boy, I am going to lick and suck that dickie until all of your little boy milk squirts right out into my mouth! And you know that I would never spill a drop of it… I’m going to swallow it all. Later, if you are really, really good, I will teach you all about how to fuck grandma’s pussy too… would you like to learn how to do that? Of course you would, nothing in the whole wide world feels better than fucking!

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