Mommy Phone Chat With A Preggo

mommy phone chatThis big ol belly has me constantly wanting to fuck. I don’t know if it is the hormones or what, but I cannot get enough sex! As you can tell this belly is about to pop! I know that time after the baby comes, I will have to do without sex for a little while, so I am getting all the fucking I can done. No matter how many dicks I suck or cocks I ride, it never seems to be enough. I crave more and more. I have already fucked every man in the trailer park and then started over with the ones who were the most fun or had the most memorable cocks. You would think with it being in the 90’s outside, And my big old belly, I would not even want dick, but for some reason, ever since I got pregnant, all I want to do is fuck and fuck some more. Even dripping sweat , I still want and need dicks buried deeply in my hot wet pussy.I’ve been so horny lately that I even fantasize about fucking the little ones I already have. I didn’t set out to be a dirty mommy, but my lust and greed are getting the better of me. What do you say, Mr redneck. You want to fuck? The whole trailer park will be here soon, and I am sure we will survive without moeny. Sre yoi an evilf man?

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