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She Loves My Big Bouncy Tits

big bouncy tits vivI love her tongue and the way she puts her face deep into my pussy. She pushes so deep shoving her tongue into me as deep as some of the dicks I have fucked. Once her face and tongue are covered with my juices she slides that tongue of hers up to my clit and makes it nice and pointy before flicking it across my hard clit. Then she sucks my pussy lips into her mouth one at a time, making sure to suck hard before diving back into my wet hole. She knows how to make my legs quiver. That is when she reaches up and pinches my big bouncy tits, pulling the nipples until I explode with pleasure. She has always known just how to please me without me ever having to tell her. She is by far my favorite female lover and I wish she could teach all the men I fuck with how to eat pussy just like her. I would never want dick again!

Big Bouncy Tits Viv