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Phone Chat Numbers Trainer

phone chat numbers

If you ended up on this site, then I am quite sure you know exactly what you’re looking for. And I know that you are going to dial our phone chat numbers and we will have a conversation about sissy things. Do you need training? I am a first-class sissy trainer. Every time I have feminized someone, I have been told that I did a great job. I like to take a hands-on approach and help my sissy sluts in every aspect of the process. Waxing, makeup, dildo training, walking in heels, and of course sucking cock and getting fucked. Those are all services that I offer to you.

I’m hoping that what you need most is to be taught to take a dildo. It’s tough to fit it all in at first, so we can go slow and make sure that you can take huge cocks without saying ouch or anything like that. The last thing a man needs when he’s fucking someone is to hear you say you’re in pain. That just ruins the pleasure, unless of course they like causing pain to a sissy cunt. Are you ready for some feminization and sissy training? I’m ready, too!


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Sissy Humiliation Phone Sex Fun

sissy humiliation phone sex Sissy humiliation phone sex is so much fun for me. I love shaming pathetic cross dressing cock sucking pansies with little dicks. When a sissy calls me, I can hear it in her voice. The girly shrill, the whining, the lisp, the pathetic stories. I run a sissy school. I take pathetic losers and turn them into sissy maids. Something a woman can actually find useful. Sissies need training; they need a strong mistress to own them. For me, a sissy has a lot of value to a dominant woman. For one, they are so much fun to humiliate. I know. I look too mature to be a mean girl, but sissies deserve ridicule and public humiliation. In fact they crave it. Never feel bad for a sissy. The entertainment value alone is worth having one in your life. You can dress them up in frilly dresses and make them prance around in public singing shameful little ditties. Sissies also make fun shopping companions. They can model all the clothes for you and carry your bags. Plus if you find one who can pretend to be a man 9-5, she can support your shopping sprees if she has a good day job. Sissies serve drinks and cater to a mistress’s needs when properly trained to do so. Sissies give great pedicures and back massages to a mistress who has had a long day. They need direction, however, a strong hand; but once trained, they make the perfect doting maid. Don’t even get me started on how good they are for date nights. They can fluff cock, clean cream pies and even procure you real men. So if you are an unattached sissy in need of some guidance to become the best sissy you can be, put on some panties and call me. Sissy school is always in session.

Sissy Trainer Farah