Tell me your secrets….

phone chat numbes RebeccaAre you looking for that kinky woman who will never judge you even when your secret is unusual or embarrassing? I’m a phone sex therapist and I’m ready and willing to listen to you anytime. Call me at 3 am to tell me why you can’t sleep. Has some little slut got you turned on so bad that you need some relief to get back to sleep? You caught a glimpse of your stepdaughter’s tits? Did your wife deny you sex tonight because she said your cock was too small or she prefers big black cock?
Don’t worry. I’ll keep your secrets to myself as we delve into those needs. I can even send you a “professional” PSO recommendations report after our call.  So, if you’re up and need some of my special medicine, guaranteed to send you off to sleep, make that call. We will have so much fun as I tell you how to stroke that cock. Men with ED issues are my specialty. Let me teach you how to last longer with guided masturbation and erotic hypnosis. Make an appointment soon for your evaluation. Your penis will thank you.

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