Call My Phone Chat Numbers To Hear A Tale Of A Teased Clitty

Phone Chat Numbers MarciI like my phone chat numbers being used by aggressive men. You see, when a guy takes charge, I always have the best orgasms! I just think it’s more natural when a guy makes the first move and follows through. I’m not one to turn most guys down if they show they desire me in anyway, I just think a girl should be submissive to men. My new boyfriend, he’s bit of a rough one and likes to take control of our sex life. I’m not one to say no, so I go along. The other night he asked if I’d like to be tied up. I said OK, and was kind of excited actually. He tied me up spread eagle on the bed and gagged me as well. The longer he teased me, the hotter our sexy role plays were! He started teasing me and bringing me to the edge of orgasm over and over, I was braking out into a sweat, starting to hyperventilate. I didn’t know how much more I could take, I was literally begging him to let me cum. He’d take his tongue and tease my clit, flickering it all over until I could feel that orgasm well up inside of me and then he’d stop and focus on another area of my body, this went on for a couple of hours and I was nearly crying, my pussy was throbbing so badly needing to cum. He then came up tot he side of the bed and made me take his dick in my mouth and I had to focus on pleasuring him as I was laying there squirming. After making him cum, he finally went back down to my pussy and licked until I came. He really made me earn that orgasm.Phone Chat Lines Marci

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