Sexy Sleepover

phone chat numbers MakaylaLast thing I remember was drinking wine with my bestie and her dad. I didn’t think I had too much to make me pass out. I had maybe half a glass. I was having an amazing dream. Chad the football star in high-school was eating my pussy. Oh god it was amazing. Just as I was cumming I opened my eyes to see my best friend licking my tight bald cunt while she was getting fucked from behind by her daddy. Her dad smiled at me and I went with it. I mean her dad was hot as fuck, so I wanted to get some of his dick. My bestie didn’t know I woke up so I grabbed her head and pushed her face down into my pussy. She looked up at me and started to go to fucking town. My moans must have drove her dad crazy. He pushed her to the side spread my legs wide open and started to finger fuck me. Oh my god it was the best fucking squirt I ever had!!

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