Phone Chat Lines;Pussy is Better in Twos

phone chat lines

Do you think there is anything better then phone sex. I can tell you what is better, Two hot BBW’s on the phone chat lines licking and sucking all over each other’s sexy bodies. For me, I can never get enough of Sierra. She is the sexiest fire crotch that I have even met, and her hot pussy is sweet as cherry pie. Anytime that Sierra wants to have fun all she has to do is call me. I am ready to have Sierra’s fat box on my face anytime. 

phone chat numbers

I want to eat Sierra’s pussy and make her cum all over my face. Once she cum’s I want to flip her over and spread those chubby ass cheeks apart. Sierra has the perfect little booty hole. I love taking my tongue and running it over ever one it’s pucker wrinkles. Then we can finish each other with some hot fisting. Sierra knows just how to fist my puss too. I always cum hard for her. She even licks me clean, every last drop! 

two girl phone sex

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