Cum play with Grammy

phone chat numbers bernadetteMy special little one, the darling that shines above the rest. The sweeter one, the one that wants to please me more than all the other ones do – that’s my favorite. I always have a favorite for both boy and girl we know they have their sweet little perfect parts and each is different and all mine to kiss, suck, lick and tease. All mine to bend to my will, teach and force to please my cunt that craves them so desperately. Give them some special one on one time with them, they just eat up all the attention from grammy. Eager to please with their bald pussies and itty bitty cocks so hard and this boner is ready to be treated by their grammy that loves them so much. I will give it all the kisses is deserves and suck his cock like no one else. I can’t forget about my other lil darling with her sweet bald pussy just begging to be tasted, just dying to be fucked and stretched. She wants to learn how to do everything like grammy and be a sweet little whore. My submissive babes… my favorites for a very good reason. I’ll make them do it all and they will thank me for it and after a very long weekend of sucking and fucking the little ones will go home for the week and impatiently wait for grammy’s house next weekend.

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