Reach out and touch a Mommy

phone chat numbers pearlEvery boy dreams about his Mommy. I know you watch me all the time, son, peeking at me while I dress and hoping to see a flash of mommy tits or pussy. How many times have I found those cummy panties in the hamper? What you don’t know is that I watch you, too. I catch you rubbing yourself and I pass your room at night and hear you moaning. How I long to hear the words “Fuck me, Mommy.” come from your mouth as I’m the one doing the jacking and sucking on my young son’s growing cock.  Mommy’s pussy is so hungry for your cock and if you’d just make that first move, she would teach you everything. So, next time Mommy bends over right in front of you, feel free to come up behind me and slide some cock up under my dress. Cup my tits and tell Mama how bad you want her too. Mommy has so much experience and so much to teach you.

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