Daddy’s Lottery – Everyone Wins

phone chat numbers renaOnce again, I find myself tied in the middle of a room surrounded by men. This time there are 12 of them. All are in various stages of undress. Most already have raging hard-ons. I don’t know if it is the sight of me bound to the pole nude and vulnerable or the thought of what each one of them will do to me in mere moments that has them so erect.
Daddy doesn’t need the money for debts this time. He has just grown fond of the money and watching me get fucked and abused by various men. This is fine because a girl should always be loyal to her Daddy. I know it is my place to do whatever each and every one of these men want me to do – without complaint, because that is what Daddy expects. I am to be used in any way they desire with no limits. They have drawn numbers to see what order they would go in – a lottery of sorts. The first man approaches me with his huge erect cock leading the way. He has a crop in his hand. The first blow lands on the side of my right ass cheek, quickly and harshly. I gasp but hold back the scream as the tool bites into my flesh. As the sting begins to subside, I realize my pussy is already leaking juice down my leg. I am incredibly aroused, knowing that I will get fucked by each and every man in this room today, possibly a few times and that they will deal out the punishment however they want. This is what I desire because I am Daddy’s little pain whore, his cum slut, his play toy, and I deserve anything these men dish out.

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