Making The Grade

phone chat numbers melindaThe girls are not doing so well in Social Studies/Geography class. I have to admit I wasn’t very good in this class myself. So when I got a call from their teacher requesting a conference I wasn’t surprised.
The girls had told me how hot he was but I really didn’t think more of it then a school girl crush. I wasn’t prepared for the hunk that greeting me with a smile and a hand shake.
As soon as he touched my hand I felt a jolt of electricity run through my body and I knew that I wanted to see and feel much more of him.
I didn’t hear a word he said as I nodded every now and then while fucking him in my mind.
Suddenly he was taking off his shirt and the fog cleared as I realized that some how we had gotten to a point where I was going to get what I wanted.
My pussy was already wet and i was more then ready. I stripped and bent over his desk for a good spanking and a hard fuck.
The girls came home today eager to tell me that they had an A in his class!
I think I need to have another conference and see if we can earn an A+.

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