Eat My Cunt

Phone chat numbersI was walking home from school when my next door neighbor pulls up next to me and offered me a ride home. It was really hot and a very long walk to my house so I got in his car. Mr. Aldine was really good friends with my Daddy so I thought he could be trusted to drive me home. My school uniform exposed my legs and Mr. Aldine couldn’t stop staring. I crossed and uncrossed my legs teasing him. When I took his hand and put it on my upper thigh, we both knew what I wanted. He drove to a back alley and we got in the back seat. He tore my panties off and put his face between my legs. Older men eat pussy way better than teenage boys. He licked my cunt so good that I squirted. And even though I came, he kept licking me until my thigh shook. We both agreed it would be safer for him to drive me home every day.

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