phone chat lines with daddy

phon chat linesDaddy got in trouble again. Mommy found out he was calling phone chat lines and she wasn’t happy. I knew daddy had a big obsession with porn and escorts and I have always been super curious. Daddy has always been open with me and very close with me. One day when mommy wasn’t around, we started to call those lines, and he had the hot slut on the line instruct him what to do with my hot body. I loved hearing her tell him to probe his cock in me and to fuck me raw. Daddy knew how to eat my pussy, and he also had a great guide. I couldn’t understand why mommy was such a stick in the mud. Doesn’t she get daddy needs to have fun too? Think daddy, and I will be enjoying calling together from now on. We will have a blast when mommy isn’t around for sure. Daddy and I will have a lot of fun.

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