My son is the best son in the world!

mommy phone chatI was home alone yesterday so I thought it would be fun to just relax and bake some cookies. I was feeling all domestic and cheerful… but I have to admit… I was feeling a little lonely too. The house was too quiet, no little feet stomping around, no cartoons blaring on the tv, only me all alone baking like the domestic goddess I am. But then, just when I was feeling my lowest, there was a knock at my door! My sweet son came to visit me, he knew that I was going to be here all alone so he came over to keep me company. I guess he missed all the alone time we used to get because he was all over me as soon as he shut the front door behind him. I knew exactly what he needed so I just sank down to my knees and eagerly sucked his cock just like I used to do when he was little. No one can suck your like Mommy can so it wasn’t long before he came all over my face… mmmm it was just like the old days!

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