The Double Trouble Mommies Daphne and Darla

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The first time I met Darla, I did not like her. The way she fussed over her precious son. But then I started noticing things. It’s not that he was crying when he fell but she would almost overreact on purpose to make him cry like a sissy. That is when it clicked. She is training her son to be her sissy! I wish I would have thought about that! My son is sometimes affectionate but not like Darla’s son. He would be crying and saying sorry, telling his mommy how pretty she was and he kept trying to kiss her on the mouth. I knew she was a dirty P-Mommy just like me. Every time he fell down she would rush him into the women bathroom.

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I fallowed her and brought my son with me. We waited a few minutes and walked in. We could see Darla’s son on his knees in front of the toilet but we didn’t see her feet. I stood on top of the toilet and looked over. I was instantly wet and my knees became weak at what I saw. Darla had her leg in the air as her son was eating her pussy like he was never going to have it again! She sat up real quick and started to panic. She opened the door with her panties down and her legs were shaking. I interrupted her as she was about to cum. She ran to the door and locked it. She started to say something and I kissed her. I kissed her so deep she became weak in my arms and I started fingering her pussy. I wanted this nasty p-mommy and her pussy eating sissy son! 

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