Stripping For The Blow

phone chat numbers mariahI love my job as a stripper. What other job could I have where I get to stay fucked up and as long as I can take my clothes off nobody cares? Most of the guys I come in contact with are happy to throw out a few lines for a lap dance, so my habit rarely costs me anything. I love being the center of attention and if you are grinding on a man’s hard cock, his attention is defiantly going to be on you and nowhere else. I enjoy putting my tits in a man’s face and seeing the lust in his eyes. I love feeling a hard cock pressing against my pussy and knowing I am making his evening memorable with something as simple as a dance. I am also a hot ass slut who loves to fuck and what better way to get my pick of men. When I grind on their laps, I already know if he is going to be the one I want to take in my pussy because of the way his cock grows and responds to me. Endless drugs and sex – could I have a better life?

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