Hot Teen Sex Story

teen sex story pcnI know I am a sexy MILF, but I have a hot teen story for you. My daughter Morgan is such a little slut. One of the many reasons I love her. She was at the mall yesterday shaking her little butt in cut off jean shorts, cock teasing all the men. She loves the attention. It is a game to her. She watches the reactions of the men, then selects one to bring home for us to enjoy. That is right, I said us. We love to share men together. Who do you think taught her how to be such a good little whore? She brought home the biggest cock I have ever seen. We measured him at 14.5 inches. He was so thick, Morgan’s hands would not even fit around it. I know what you are thinking, but no, he was not a black man. He was an Italian Stallion hung like a horse. He was happy to be part of a mommy/daughter threesome. Morgan wanted to impress me with her big dick sucking skills so I let her have first dibs on his massive rod. I thought she was going to puke on his cock. Her mouth was stretched so far out it distorted her pretty face. Her eyes watered and bugged out. She could barely breathe, but she was determined to take his tree trunk all the way down her throat. I slipped behind her to ease her discomfort by licking her bald cunnie. She loves my tongue in her tight little slit. Well, she was not going to be tight much longer because once she got his beef stick down her throat he wanted to ravage her tiny cunt. I lowered her pink pussy down on his thick shaft. She moaned so loud they could hear her in the next state. He split her pussy open. She hurt, but hurt so good. He shot a gallon of cum in her tiny twat, but luckily she has a mommy like me who licked her swollen cunt back to health.

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