Call Mama on the phone chat lines for hot talk.

phone chat linesI’ll tease you, then please you. Spank you, then comfort you. You’ll never know what to expect from this sissy-loving mommy. I can be a bit bi-polar. My moods swing quickly and I can go from sweet to cruel within seconds. Better mind your manners and do as I tell you. My bare hand on your tender ass makes me wet. My strap-on inside your ass makes me even wetter. Which one does my boy deserve?

I believe that all boys need a Mommy’s love but they also need discipline. What have you been doing that needs punishment? You’ve been touching that nasty little cock,  haven’t you? And stealing things from my closet to play dress-up. I found one of my vibrators under your bed when I was cleaning. Have you been stuffing it in your boy-pussy? Come tell Mommy the truth and I will help you with your needs. Lie to me and face the consequences. Which will it be?

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