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Dirty Mommy

phone chat numbers There is a lot to being a dirty mommy. You can’t be a pussy about it, either you like to touch your little ones or you don’t. I LOVE to touch them and HURT them. I own them and I can always make more. I am really fucking good at being a nasty little breeding whore. A total little whore since the day I was born just like my brats. They will all be trained like their mommy. Those holes fucked raw with my help! I am so mean, I get soaking fucking wet when they cry and whine and the ones who talk scream for Mommy. Best to just shut them up with a nice fat throbbing cock! That’s all they need to suck on, no paci’s for them! Mmm…are you as mean as me?

I’m a panty girl looking for a panty boy.

phone chat numbers I’m in love with cute panties. Tiny little frilly ones. Thongs. Cotton girlie ones with Hello Kitty on them. Silky ones that feel amazing against a bald little cunny. I can’t stop buying them. You want to hear about my collection? I love sharing all the panties I have. Maybe you’d even like a pair for your very own. How about a juicy pair that smells like teen snatch. A pair I wore all weekend and came in several times while doing calls. A faint bit pissy and a whole lot creamy. I’ll send you pics and ship a pair to you so they will smell amazing when they arrive. Then we can do a call while you slide those beauties up and down your shaft and call you daddy. Can you handle that? A teen girls needs money for nice things and I need more panties for my collection. Care to help a young girl out?

Have you saved my Phone Chat Numbers?

Phone Chat Numbers

My Phone Chat Numbers must be saved in your phone. You text me, call me and send me emails all day long about how you day dream of my sweet wet juicy cunt. This is why I love my job. I know I am sexy.. but putting my sexy pictures up online and writing my blogs .. I just love that I get to be open and honest with myself and all of you sexy callers. My pussy is always wet and ready for my big brother’s cock. My asshole is always ready for daddy’s cock.. I bet you never realized I was a real kinky whore. That I loved having my daddy fuck my tight pink hole. Making me take every inch of his cock! But daddy didn’t know that I love incest just as much as he did.. and so did my brother! I remember feeling him sucking on my tiny nipples. Squeezing my pussy lips together and spanking them.. I am my brother’s kinky slut.. but my daddy’s princess! Who knew I could be so different! 

A Teen sex story with Makayla!

Teen sex story

Have you ever look at someone in the mall and you make that first eye contact with them. That moment right there the one that sends shivers down your spine.. Those are the ones who can fuck you all night long in every way you thought possible. That person can make you cum so fucking hard that you have a new found faith in God. That was what I felt when I first saw you. Now I see you everywhere. Now I see you following me on all of my social media accounts. I see you as I am on my way to friends house. I see you everywhere I am. I know deep down inside you have that darkness that is spilling out into your body every time you see me. I know because I have it too. Why do you think my skirts get shorter and my tops get smaller? I love teasing you.. Making your darkness inside get strong and filled with the want of my skin… You want to feel how soft my inner thighs are as you kiss them… Well Why haven’t you made your move?

I’m the girl of your dreams!

teen sex blogI am the girl of your dreams! Wanna know why? Cus I am young and tight and super cute… plus I just LOVE daddy cocks! I will be a good girl for you too daddy, I will suck that big ole dick all the way down my throat and let you fuck my mouth till you are ready to stop! And I will do all that without ever complaining too! I love doing what I am told to do and making you feel good, it is all about you daddy, I promise. I will let you fuck my tight little pussy too, I love the way it feels to have a huge dick in there stretching me out! Plus I love it when you fuck my but too daddy, I know how to relax and let you slide the whole thing deep inside there. I’ll even suck it clean when you are all done! I will be the good girl you need daddy, I promise!!

Pregnant phone sex with Sidney


Pregnant phone sex

I love fucking my brother and I dream of getting pregnant by him. I would love to feel those tiny feet kicking and moving around in my belly. All the added pressure on my pussy would make my brother’s cock feel like he was a giant! Thinking about it right now makes me wet! Fuck I wish he was home, I am so fucking wet I know I am ovulating. He thinks I am on birth control but when I am begging him to cum in me. Begging him to fill me up and he ask’s that question.. “Did you take your Birth control pill?” He always asks before he is about to nut deep in my pussy. I know If I kissed him deeply and whispered in his ear “I Stopped taking it a long time ago, Fill me up!” And I wrap my legs tight around him, pulling his cock deep inside of me… He is going to melt in my pussy… Would you?

Young and NO LIMITS!!!

phone chat numbers (2)

You look up phone chat numbers and you see me looking back at you. I bet that alone gets your cock twitching! You thought you might find some real sluts and whores, and you were far from wrong. I may look like I am all sweet and innocent…but I know EXACTLY what it takes to please a man. I enjoy getting my pussy and ass fucked like the whore I am, so I pride myself in having no limits. That’s what it takes to be a good deserving whore, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to please a man, no matter the fetish. Most things get my cunt dripping wet anyway, if you know what I mean. I really am a nasty freak of a teen, it’s kinda hard to believe seeing how I am just barely 18 years old! But it’s true, I’ve become the cutest little cocksucking slut you’ve ever laid eyes on…and no worries I PROMISE you don’t need to see my ID!

Want a teen girlfriend?

phone chat lines Can you believe I’ve never had a boyfriend? See, I’m been with my daddy all of my life and he has never liked to share. But I’m all grown up now and ready to move on. There is so much cock out there I want to try. I do like having one special guy though. Is it too much for me to want a GFE relationship and a man who loves to spoil me? I would take such good care of my man. In return I want him to buy me nice things and lingerie, hand me gift cards for no reason. Maybe what I really need is a sugar daddy. I will give you pussy and blowjobs and you will give me financial goodies. Don’t make me milk it from you. Financial domination is too much fun and I am a pro at getting what I want. I will siphon that wallet, but what I give you in return will make it so worthwhile. Ready for a sugar angel?

Pregnant phone sex with Sidney


Pregnant phone sex

My daddy and my brother turn to me every mother’s day. They are looking for a woman to comfort them. See mommy left a while ago. She didn’t love daddy the way he needed to be loved. That’s why daddy started having me suck on his cock before mommy even left us. Once she left daddy knew it was time. He knew how much I loved stepping up and sucking on him like mommy did. He knew he could lay me down and kiss my bald cunny. spreading those little lips apart and licking me. Getting me ready for his daddy dick. He would stick his tongue deep into my little hole stretching me open and making me cum in his mouth! This mother’s day I hope one of them fills my bald pussy up! I stopped taking my birth control!

family fun phone sex

phone chat numbers katyI have been so naughty! I have! I was remembering a time back then when I was so horny. My daddy was always there for me to teach me everything. He would always lay me on my back and teach me everything a girl could know. He would stick his longer fingers in his mouth and get them nice and wet. I would love when he would make me suck them! He would take his finger and put inside of my juicy pink little hole. He loved stretching me out to make me a good girl. I would beg for daddy’s big cock head to go inside of my tiny little holes. I wanted him to go balls deep inside of me. I needed to feel daddy squirt his juice deep inside my pussy hole. I want to make my daddy proud!

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