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Call my phone chat numbers for fun!

phone chat numbersCall my phone chat numbers for fun sweetheart, I just know you’re going to love it! See, granny knows what you need so when that cock gets really hard, I know that you deserve to be pampered and spoiled… all boys deserve that from their grannies! That’s why I make sure to really give you the attention you deserve, that’s why I always start by sucking that cock of yours. I love being on my knees in front of you, looking up at you while I swallow that cock, don’t you worry granny will swallow every inch of that rock hard dick! Then I will bend over and let you fuck me, come on sweetheart, slide that big dick into granny’s juicy pussy, I need it bad! I want to feel you pounding my pussy, I even want you to fuck my ass too! We’ll have so much fun sweetie, trust me granny knows exactly how to make her sweet little boys feel oh so good. This pussy never gets tired baby, we can fuck for hours and hours, whatever it takes to get you completely satisfied! I hope you’re ready baby boy, granny is going to take care of you, don’t I always?

phone chat lines

My Phone Chat Numbers for No Taboo Fun

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers can vary. They can vary in price. They can vary in taboo. They can vary in girls available. There are lots of factors that can affect your phone bone experience. Take my phone chat line, for example. No one but me will ever answer my line because I do not work for a dispatch company. My company doesn’t play the bait and switch game. This is my direct line. I am a mature woman. A dirty mommy to be exact. I am a far cry from a hot teen slut, so be prepared for a sexy mature voice. I have the voice of experience. I am an incest sex mommy too. That means I am a no taboo mommy. We can talk about anything from my incest experience to your incest experiences and anything else taboo or extreme that gets your cock hard. I have decades or dirty stories to share with you. I even create new ones daily because besides being a dirty mommy, I am also a sexy MILF. All the young boys in my neighborhood come knocking on my door. They know a good time when they see one. Now, the question is do you?

I got more than groceries

phone chat numbersI was craving a bunch of different things so I went to the grocery store to stock up on everything a pregnant girl needs. That’s when I saw a new stock boy and instantly fell in love! He was so sexy I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I was practically wetting my pants right there in the grocery store I was so turned on by him and he hadn’t even said a word to me! I went over and asked him to show me where I could find the bread and that somehow turned into me inviting him back to my place… God I am such a slut sometimes! Anyway, he accepted my invitation and as soon as we were in the door he had me on my knees sucking that throbbing rock hard dick. It was huge! I was so wet and wanted him so bad that I begged for his cock like a shameless slut until he finally bent me over and fucked the shit outta me! Trust me, it satisfied a craving I didn’t even realize I had!

Phone chat lines

phone chat lines

I was in a public bathroom and noticed a hole in the wall. I have always heard my friends talk about these things! I put my mouth right up next to the hole and sure enough I got a big fat cock that came out of it. It was like eleven inches and it was so thick. It was a real mans cock!

I sucked it really deep and hard into my mouth. I could feel it wanting to nutt in my mouth. I sucked him faster until he was ready to blow his big fat load down my throat. I finally got that big creamy sticky looggie load. I walked out of the bathroom and at the same time my daddy came out of the men’s bathroom as well.

He was looking super relaxed, and it just occurred to me! That was my daddy’s cock that I just sucked through the bathroom hole!

Phone Chat Lines with Strippers!

Phone chat linesThe club’s washing machine broke, and the repairman wouldn’t be able to make it out for a few days. So, I took half the girls with me to the laundry down the street. Between us, we managed to take up all but about 4 washing machines in the whole place, but all the costumes and garments would be clean for show-time. We had just barely gotten all the clothes in the wash, and were having some girlie fun when 3 guys walked in. They looked like they maybe belonged to one of the local frat houses. They’d been cutting up when they opened the door, but when they saw us, they quieted down and cleared their throats. The looks they kept giving us while they worked on putting their laundry on led us to getting pervy. Each of us picked a team-mate, and the 8 of us decided to make advances. We stalked up to them, being as openly naughty as possible, letting them know that we were definitely open to a good time. Some of us started kissing, fondling each other, stripping each other. Once they caught on that we were serious, it was game time. There were hands everywhere. We all had to share cocks, and with 2-3 to a man, you know those guys were in heaven. We stroked them, licked them, and even blew them until one by one, they picked a girl to settle up on a washing machine. They each dove into the girl of their choice and started fucking her. Everyone got fucked at least once before the spin cycles started, and we all took turns riding out the spin cycle on those cocks. I hope we get the chance to do that again soon!

Phone Chat Numbers are Life

Phone Chat Numbers

I’m such a phone chat numbers slut. I love going to bars, truck stops, festivals, everything and just collecting every hot cocks number I can. It makes my pussy wet to see how many contacts I have. I don’t even know all of them or remember them but I love it when I sent them pictures of my ass, pussy, tits. Show them just what a slut I am and I get all those hard cock pictures back. They let me know how sexy I am and how bad they want to fuck me. It’s like a menu, I look through them all and let my pussy just get wetter and wetter and pick the one that makes me tingle the most. Text them back and tell them my pussy would love them to fuck me and figure out a place for us to both meet up. I love the no strings attached quicky. Fucking in the car, riding their cock and it feeling just as good as I imagined. My chosen lover using my phone to record us fucking. His beautiful cock going in and out as I bounce on him, watching my bouncing tits, catching all those moans. I go home and put the video on adult friend finder and it all starts again. New phone numbers, new cocks, new no strings, and so much fucking. I spend my days being fed for fucking, clothes just to look sexy, and fucking strangers and letting them cum in me over and over. Want me to add you to my phone book? Fuck me until I cum all over your cock? Know that I’m going to share that intimate moment with others just to get fucked again?

Phone chat lines

phone chat lines

My boyfriend is away for a week and I thought it would be fun to entice him since he is not here. I am in my bed with my sticky wet pussy and decided to facetime him so he could get a good look at me being really naughty and horny.

I pulled my tits out and showed him how erect my little hard nipples were. I even made my finger tips wet so that he would see them all shinny. I moved my phone down lower to my bald little pussy and started rubbing it for him.

He was getting so turned on watching what he couldn’t have. I showed him my pink pussy hole and how wet I was shoving my fingers inside of me. He took his cock out and started stroking it for me but we got interrupted by my door bell.

He has no idea but I invited my guy friend over from the gym and thought it would be fun to make him watch me get freaky with another mans cock. I came back to the phone with my friend and showed my boyfriend how big his dick was.

I made sure to prop the phone up perfectly so that he could see every position my friend was going to give me his cock. I started out sucking him into my mouth getting it completely wet with my spit and making it throbbing hard.

My friend could not take it and decided to push me on my back and put my legs over my head so that way he could shove his huge cock as deep as it could go inside of me. He was stretching my pussy open so wide. It felt so good.

I was getting his dick so wet and with each thrust hard and deeper I could feel myself about to squirt all over it. He pounded my pussy until I was finally done squirting all over his cock and then unleashed his jizz inside my pussy.

Now when my boyfriend comes back he will have some panties that I made a mess into to lick up!

Big Bouncy Tits on This BBW For Fucking

Big Bouncy Tits Shelly

You must love some big bouncy tits and baby, I have some hot fucking BBW tits that love cock buried in. I will drain your lizard all over my milky massive mounds. The titty fuck experience should be had by all and with a serious set of tits like mine we take some serious cock full of thick gooey cum.

I’m a cum whore for BBC and fucking hell yeah they love this BBW body of mine and I love that long throbbing snake of a fuck rod they sport. It’s seriously a win win situation for a dick sucker like myself and the extremely high sex drive that makes me near power nympho in the cum draining craving of all these fat fuck holes of mine. Cum in all of these holes, all over my plump ass, and plaster my face with that dick glaze.

 If you love big titties and a juicy cunt then I am the hoe for you!

I took care of him all day long

phone chat numbersMy poor son was stuck at home for a while because he broke his poor leg, he needed to just relax and recover so I promised that I would take very good care of him. I waited on him hand and foot and even slept in his bed so that I was there for him 24/7. Poor guy was so uncomfortable, he couldn’t really go anywhere so he couldn’t see any of his girlfriends and that meant that he was not only in pain, he was horny too! I couldn’t leave him in a state like that, what kind of mother would I be if I did? I just laid him down and pulled out his hard dick so I could suck it. He protested at first but soon it felt so could that he just let go and let me do what I wanted. I milked that hard dick until he came and then swallowed every drop of cum… he may still be in pain from his leg but trust me, the rest of him is very relaxed now!

Phone Chat Numbers: You Get What You Pay For

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are all the same. I am sure you have thought that a time or two. Why pay $2.00 a min when you can pay less than $1.00 a minute. Let me enlighten you about the world of dirty talking women. No two companies are the same. In the adult phone world, you get what you pay for, as the saying goes. Those cheaper sites are dispatch operated, meaning you never know who you are talking to. At a direct dial company, like the one I work for, you call me directly. I am in my own home, wearing very little if anything to the imagination. When you call my phone chatline, I am the only one who will ever answer. When you pay $2 a minute for phone sex you are getting someone who cares about your fantasies and fetishes. I am in no rush to get you off, unless you are in a rush to get off!  Whatever time you purchase, I promise to make it last and if you don’t last, well we can talk right up until the end of your paid time. Of course for that to happen, you cannot hang up after you cum! Phone sex at $2.00 a minute seems expensive, but it is about quality. I am a seasoned phone sex whore. I have been in the adult industry all my life. I have hot true tales to share with you because I have not led a vanilla life. I am also well versed in all the kinky fetishes men enjoy, from the commonplace like cuckolding and foot fetishes, to the more obscure like ABDL and sissy boys. Sure you can call some cheap phone sex site, but you will be out a couple bucks, have a hard dick still and be bitching about why you didn’t just call me in the first place.

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