Daddys Girl On The Phone Chat Lines

Phone Chat Lines

****Extensions Required On Some girls Numbers Now, Including Mine***

One of my favorite things s being daddy Andrews Phone chat lines Slut. I have my Lush in and give the remote to a family member so I can have a dual fun pussy wet time with him. Most of the time Daddy Andrew Catches me mid-fuck as I answer the phone. He asks who was fucking me and if I can put my toy in now. Of fucking course, I put my toy in. I love playing with him and his huge P-man cock. I just want him to feel me up and make my tight cunny explodes! I never can get enough baby batter deep inside me. It’s really an addiction that I can’t control. Cock, cum, and lots of family fucking threesomes. I love divulging the latest fuck diaries from here on the farm. He wants to know who has been impregnated and who just got that young cherry popped for the first time. These are things that get me excited when men like Daddy Andrew Call my phone chat Numbers! Incest d always best but he does enjoy how much of a baby girl whore I am no matter who wants to spread these buttcheeks and smooth little pussy lips. I enjoy hearing how much he faps that cock and wants it to be inside me. I swear all these cocks I get on a constant basis are nothing compared to the men who call wanting to fuck my sweet baby girl ass! Then we go on to talk about the last menstrual cycle I had and if I am still breastfeeding My wee one. See, he is ready for me to be knocked up again because my daddy Andrew gets off on breeding girls young and small like me. He feels it is his duty to keep up with when I might get preggers in real life!

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