Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever

phone chat numbers OliviaDaddy was sick for my visit this weekend. I hate it when he doesn’t feel well but I love taking care of him.
Whenever I play nurse for him, he always gets super horny! So I was not surprised when he started poking me with his hard cock!
I knew a quickie would make him feel better and I was eager to do what ever I could to speed up the healing process.
I was enjoying every inch of his meat as I stuffed it in my mouth. I love daddy’s dick in my mouth! I love feeling how it gets so big and how the skin gets thin and tight as it swells up! I can feel every ripple and every vein glide across my lips and into my throat!
But I guess daddy was hungry because he pulled me up and asked me to sit on his face while I sucked his delicious cock!
I was concerned that he would not be able to breath as I mashed my wet kitty into his face, but he reminded me that mommy always said that you are suppose to feed a cold!
So that is what I was going to do!
He licked my clit and fucked my pussy with his tongue until I gushed my honey all over!
He licked up every bit and was begging for more!
I gave him everything I had and showered him with cum!
I know he was happy and rewarded me with a dose of his own yummy sauce!
I can never get enough of that!
I guess feeding a cold really does work because the next day he was all better!
But just to make sure he didn’t relapse, we stayed in bed and repeated his treatment the entire weekend!

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