Phone chat lines

Phone chat lines“Granny, when will the Daddy’s call our Phone chat lines?” My adorable little granddaughter looked up at me with curiosity and eagerness. I smiled down at her, knowing she craved attention so badly that she couldn’t help but ask. Her Daddy left her when she was very young. He was a mean Daddy and she seeks attention from men like you wouldn’t believe. She is all dressed up for ‘work’ today. I have her wearing clothes that you’d never see on a girl as young as her, but everyone loves a slutty, growing little brat. She’s still got a tight bald cunt, her hair in pigtails and of course the cherry on top a ready and waiting mouth. She is so cute and perfect and she craves a Daddy that will take control. Finally, she gets what she wants so badly. These Phone Chat Numbers start ringing and these holes are about to be filled. She is excited to serve the first Daddy, he has a deep voice and likes a screamer. That’s my kind of girl, that’s the girl I worked so hard to raise into the whore she is today. She is supposed to be sucking his cock so I get the biggest strap on I have. I put it on and make her suck on it, holding the back of her head down and fucking her throat as she tries to push off of the cock she’s struggling on. I can hear him getting off on hearing her whine and gag and choke. He’s turned on and tells me it’s time to fuck her little ass. She screams “No not my ass!” But I am already plunging in and wrapped a gag around her mouth to quiet her whiny ass. She is screaming as I brutally go in on her fuck holes, doing whatever he tells me to do to my granddaughter and she has no choice but to take it.

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