Phone chat lines

Phone chat linesPhone chat lines and we will get right to business. Oh, but you have questions? You want to know if I am down to literally anything? well duh! You want to confirm that I’m a druggy whore, you wanna know if I really will get down and nasty with some toilet play. You wanna know how dark and demented I can be, oh but baby let me show you what I have up my sleeve. You want to know if I will be able to help you, be your little accomplice to get the girl next door. You’ve been craving her for years as you’ve watched her slowly grow up more and more. I am the perfect accomplice, I live off fear, misery, and drugs. I will make friends with her easily, tell her I have the coolest job and I get to work from home. She will be very curious to see and hear more about it. Naturally, I will bring her back to my place to show her what happens when these guys call the Phone Chat Numbers. Her innocent eyes grow wide and she will become nervous, starting to realize what she got herself into. It’s a little too late now isn’t it you little bitch whore? My friend is here and he’s been dying to taste that creamy pussy. She will cry and whine and I will start to get high to quiet down the noise. I will start to get wet when I see and hear her holes being pushed to the limits. The pathetic little slut just thought she could come back with a stranger and everything would be just fine. Guess her parents didn’t teach her about all the bad people in the world that want to do so many bad things.

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