Phone Chat Lines for Any Fetish, Even CBT

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines can be for anything, but I do have some specialties like small dick humiliation, cock control, interracial cuckolding and the girlfriend experience. I love all kinks and fetishes too. As a size queen, I do find that cock and ball torture is fun. I had this guy who came to the strip club where I feature dance last night just so I could trample his worthless cock and balls. I mean if a guy wants to pay me to trample his junk, why would I say no. He is more than willing, and he is paying me. This shrimp dick loser comes into the club for rejection. He loves it when hot women laugh at him and tell him to get lost. This time in the club he wanted more than rejection. He got the VIP room for us and laid down $5,000. At first, I thought he wanted me to fuck him, and I laughed. He does not have enough money to get me to fuck him. He told me it was for CBT fun. Now, he had my interest. I had on stripper heels which are perfect for cock and ball torture. I had him strip naked. He wanted kinky phone sex, I was going to give it to him. I had him lie on the stage. There is a mini stage in the VIP room, complete with a pole too. I would fly over him on the pole, and land every time on his cock and balls. I was kicking him swiftly in the nut sack. In the end, I did a little jig on his balls. I love inflicting pain on worthless sad sacks. Trey is worthless. He is no more than 5’4 which is short for a dude. He has a small dick too. He has a baby dick, LOL. He paid for CBT. He got CBT. My phone chat numbers explore all fetishes. What is your fetish

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