Phone Chat Numbers; Loosing My V-Card

Phone Chat Numbers

I was always a horny ass slut growing up. The things that I was into have differed now that I am a sexy phone chat numbers slut, but I like to remember the good innocent times. Sure, when I was a mini slut I sucked a lot of cock and did anal for anyone who had enough money. That was before I met my best friend coke and was hooked. My dealer was introducing me and said that all I had to do was give him my V-card. I wouldn’t even notice it gone anyways. 

Virgin Phone Sex

You know what, he was right. He put a line onto his hard cock and I snorted it right off there. Once he shoved his cocaine covered man meat into my mouth that was it. My skin was crawling and I was ready to go. My dealer loved virgin phone sex, especially with a sexy teen like me. It hurt so bad when he shoved it in. I could feel blood drain down my leg. By the end of it I was fucking like a champion and high as fuck. I wish I could feel this good every time. Bye Bye V-Card!

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