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mature phone chatMature phone chat is my specialty. I am a mommy, a MILF, a naughty teacher, a lusty Aunt , the boss’s wife, even a slut wife for my callers. Every now and then, however, I get to be something outside the box of my normal role playing characters. This morning, Brett wanted me to a slutty stewardess that popped his cherry and inducted him into the mile high club. I love younger men, so it was my pleasure to ride a young dick amidst the clouds.

phone chat numbersYoung Brett was flying solo to attend a soccer match. Just a teen boy, but in great shape and looking older than his age. I chatted with him a bit, then suggested he meet me in the bathroom. When he told me he was a virgin, I told him that was even better because the best pussy for virgin cock is an experienced one. When he met me in the bathroom, I pulled that virgin dick out and showed him how a woman gives head. As my mouth devoured his dick, pre cum oozed off the head. His heart was racing, his balls twitching and he couldn’t wait to get in my pussy.

cheapest phone sex specialsI bent over the sink, he pulled up my skirt and slide his throbbing hard cock in my pussy from behind. Few pumps and he was over, but not 5 minutes later he was flying the friendly skies again and gave me a second load of boy batter. He left Phoenix a boy, but returned a man. My phone chat numbers are always open for sexy little role plays.

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