A Good Time To Be Young

phone chat numbers nikkiThese days everyone wants what they can’t have. I don’t seem to have that issue. All I do is bat my eyes, shake my young tight ass, smile and I swear things just are given to me. I was a bit surprised at first, growing up I never seemed to get my way. Once my sweet pert tits showed any signs of womanhood, once the clothes I wore seemed tighter, things just seemed to fall in place. Frequently I find I may have to spread my legs and show off my tight bald pussy, and let them use it to dump their hot jizz in it.. but that is just fine by me! Being a teen slut who has greed in her heart and juice in her pussy, I don’t have to do nearly as much as those ugly bitches! Let me show you just how much I will do for what I want! I am up all night and ready to work (HA) for it…

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