Age Play With A Mommy’s Boy

Age play fantasyAre you ready to indulge in a little age play fantasy? You want to be mommy’s boy? I just love a good Mama’s Boy. I bet you have been naughty haven’t you? Mommy is going to have to take you across my knee and spank your bare bottom. It is so cute when it is pink from Mommy’s spankings. As I rub it to take the sting away, I notice your cock is getting hard in my lap. I knew you were having dirty thoughts about Mommy. That’s ok, Mommy has been having some pretty naughty fantasies of her own. Since you have upset Mommy so much by being a bad little boy, why don’t you make it up to me by licking my pussy. That’s right. Mommy got turned on when I spanked your bottom too. When I felt your cock rise, that was the topper. My pussy is wet and waiting. Be a good boy now and get that tongue in my slit. I want you to lick up and down the middle before taking my cunt lips into your mouth and sucking on them one by one. Then, split those lips and suck on my clit to really make me gush. If you are a really good boy and follow Mommy’s instructions perfectly, I may even take your cock in my mouth and give you a hot Mommy blow job. Are you ready to blow your load in your Mommy’s throat? My lips are tingling in anticipation.

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