Call My Phone Chat Numbers So We Can Burn Them!

Phone Chat Numbers FrancisI am a blasphemous whore and I know there are some things you would love to talk about when you dial my phone chat numbers. Most of all these things you do not dare say aloud. They are just too taboo, aren’t they? These are my favorite types of calls. The calls you are uncertain of. Just hearing yourself repeat such terrible things make your spine tingle and your cock tinge. Just imagining such things make you nauseated, don’t they? You find yourself hiding in the bathroom closing your eyes and wrapping your hand around that twisted perverted cock of yours. You need more though, you need something over the top to help you cum the way you should. I make most men go weak in the knees when I chant such blasphemous things. “Fuck the church! Hail the Dark Lord!”… Chanting these things over and over until I hear you release. Release so hard, that you make my evil cunt drip with my own pussy juice. I imagine you there with me, drinking my pussy like the Holy Grail. These are the things that most people are afraid of.Phone Chat Lines FrancisI can imagine a world where we do what we want. A dark and evil world. Look at all of those hypocritical and stupid people.. They are all gathered in one building. Not realizing the end is here. We bind them with rope and duct tape.. The more they plead and beg, the hotter and more turned on we get. Lust filling the air is enough to cause this sanctimonious event to combust. So much so that we probably do not even need the gasoline we are about to douse this church with. Laughing and praying to our savior we barricade the door. As we light the match, the sulfuric smell brings your cock to a head. I on my knees, take your hard dick into my mouth. Lapping your sex with my tongue we watch it burn. Fuck my face to the rhythm of the screams. The flesh burning, the cries of the hypocrites, and the now taste of your hot cum.. my blasphemous cunt explodes. My phone chat lines are open to anyone with evil intent. All you have to do is be willing to confess.Perverted Phone Sex Francis

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