Don’t you love sleepovers?

teen sex blogDon’t you love sleepovers? I have tons! All the girls at school are just waiting for an invitation to one of my famous sleepovers, and I make sure to get to them all one by one. They will be coming to my house at some point for all the fun Daddy and I have planned for them…but they don’t know that till it’s too late of course. And it is fun! We put on our short booty short pjs, no bra needed either! We’re totally relaxed drinking our soda pop and watching movies and it looks like my friend is going to pass out soon…hmmm…it’s not as if we did much girly activities but I suppose that drink might or might not of had something in it to take care of her! Hehe, okay you got me I totally roofied her drink so my Daddy could fuck this slut why she was passed out cold. I mean come on! Look at her! Those pjs are just screaming fuck me! Rip these off of me and force your cock into one or all of my holes! I don’t feel bad that she so roofied up she’ll never remember a thing, and I will be having wet dreams of this for days!

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