Grandma knows just what you need!

grandma phone sexDon’t worry sweetheart, Grandma knows just what you need and I’m not afraid to give it to you. I know that you can’t concentrate on your school work when your poor cock is just so so hard like that. You can’t be expected to bear such a burden all by yourself sweetie! That’s what Grandma is here for, I take care of all of your needs now don’t I? Why would you think that I wouldn’t take care of this need too? Now, no more talking babyboy, get those pants unzipped and pull out that hard dick for me, let me wrap my lips around it and suck it just the way I know you’ll like. Mmmm sweetheart, your cock is bigger than I thought! I’m going to really like playing with it just as much as you do. That’s right baby, don’t be afraid to fuck my mouth, I can take it, I love it rough! Grandma is going to swallow every drop of that sweet cum too, I just know you;ll feel all better after this!

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