Hot phone chat

hot phone chat

I am a dirty girl! I have a boyfriend and I am bringing him to dinner so my father and mother can meet him and love him as much as I do. I think my father might take a little bit, for him to come around. I have always been his perfect girl. The time rolls around and it is time for my boyfriend to meet my parents! Immediately my father refuses to acknowledge him.

My mom is nice as ever and she offers for us to join her in the kitchen, my father calls out to me, and tells me he would like to have a talk. I follow him to his den and he proceeds to kiss me and tells me that he wants my boyfriend to know who I belong to. He bends me over and pumps his dick right inside my pussy, underneath my skirt. He cream pies my pussy, so that there is no confusion. Looks like daddy will never like him.

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