Let Me Get You Off On My Phone Chat Lines

Phone Chat NumbersFeeling a little horny tonight? You need to call some phone chat numbers baby? And mine is listed right below. You pick up that phone and let’s play. I love to get you on the phone and get you off. I love the sound of your wet sloppy dick being rubbed by your hands as I talk dirty to you. Telling you all the naughty things I want to do to you. You may need to sneak off to have our call and that is ok too. You can just sit back and stroke that big cock while I tell you how I want to take your big cock deep in my mouth, like all the way down my throat. I want you to throat fuck me so hard that I start to gag, and tears run down my face. Holding my head so firmly against your crotch that I can barely breath. Not letting up until you shoot your load in my throat, almost choking me again. Doesn’t that sound like a hot ending to a stressful day baby? I thought so too. So, you get yourself all comfortable, start stroking and call my phone chat lines and let me get you off.

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