Love that lot lizard sex?

phone chat numbers auroraBeing a truck stop waitress, I get all of the parking lot sex I can handle. Smelly old truckers with dirty asses don’t bother me. I’ll lick it clean and take their money. I’m known as a skanky old broad and I don’t mind one bit. I love serving men and being a urinal and a cum dumpster. A girl has to get by somehow and I love to fuck, so why not be a lot lizard? All I have to do is climb up in a truck, give a quick blowjob, and get an easy twenty bucks. These road-weary old farts just need to unload their cum. Why not take advantage of their needs and satisfy my own as well? Having a rack of big tits and a sweet ass make me a big hit here. Stop by the Greasy Spoon Truck stop where the coffee is hot and the waitresses are hotter.

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