Not Your Vanilla Phone Chat Numbers

phone chat numbersMy phone chat numbers are for dirty talking. I mean submissive whore type shit. I am not a vanilla girl. I am a nasty whore into pain, water sports, BDSM and snuff. I look like a GFE, but looks can be deceiving.  I find that my looks often attract the wrong kind of man. I don’t want to be your GFE, unless you want to beat her black and blue. I don’t want to be your girl next door unless you have rape fantasies about the sweet young thing next door. I don’t want to be your slut wife unless you pimp her out for rough anal gang bangs by black men. I don’t want to be your secretary unless you treat her like your private toilet. I don’t want to be your daughter unless you fantasize about snuffing her out after you violate her tiny fuck holes. I love role play phone sex on my phone chat lines, but I don’t do the basic vanilla role plays that many girls do. Consider me your fetish doll. Your fuck slave. Even your torture whore. I want pain, blood, humiliation, even death.

phone chat linesMost guys who call me initially struggle with my beauty. I look like an Amazon goddess. Then, I remind them that some hot bitch cheated on them, snubbed them, even flat out rejected them. That is when I hear the tone in their voice switch from wanting to fuck me to wanting to kill me. I can represent the woman that scorned you . Think of our phone sex role play as therapy. I can help you not only get out your deep dark fantasies, but I can help you get out your anger issues towards women. No this is not a trick. You are not being punked. I am just a dark bitch who needs very bad things done to her to feel alive.

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