Phone chat lines

phone chat lines

I am in the backyard sun bathing thinking it is a perfect opportunity to get naked so that I do not have any tan lines and to my surprise there is my neighbor spying on me. He thought he was being so discrete but I even saw him stroking his cock!

I told him to come over to me and he did! I got right on my knees in front of him, still naked and I took his cock out that he tried to put back in his pants. There was not way his rock hard cock was going to fit back in his pants!

I grabbed his dick and forced it in my mouth and started sucking on it, tugging his yummy pre cum on to my tongue. He tasted so good! I bobbed my head up and down his cock sucking him deeper into my mouth. His cock was swelling up s big!

I decided to bend over so that he could see my tight pussy and I didn’t even need to give him direction! He forced his cock into me and started fucking me hard. He was rocking my pussy up and down his cock moving my body that was on all fours up and down my chair.

He seemed to really like my tits, grabbing them and pinching my nipples so I begged for him to unload his cum load right on to my tits!

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