Hot Phone Chat Makes Mommy Rita Squirt

A filthy mommy like me loves to have hot phone chat with dirty p-daddy’s that love to get taboo. I’m a young mommy with a couple of brats that are little pageant whores and they are already used to being examined by man meat.I get super turned on watching my little brat whores play with perverted phone sex men. Ever penetrate a sweet young pink slit? Well… do you want to?

I first started to get my brats into pageants at the suggestion of a daddy pervert of a couple other brats and knew after the first one we had a sweet deal. I was very open minded on how I could afford their entrance fees and gowns, and it ha… or they have become the biggest turn around investment I have made yet. The judges love to examine the little whores and sometimes I make my way to getting what we want using my sweet mommy cunt as a special extra. The thought of knocking me up has some of those judges cocks so raging hard in thinking how they could have their own little sex dolls to break in next.

Hot Phone Chat Rita


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