Phone chat lines

phone chat lines

My boyfriend is away for a week and I thought it would be fun to entice him since he is not here. I am in my bed with my sticky wet pussy and decided to facetime him so he could get a good look at me being really naughty and horny.

I pulled my tits out and showed him how erect my little hard nipples were. I even made my finger tips wet so that he would see them all shinny. I moved my phone down lower to my bald little pussy and started rubbing it for him.

He was getting so turned on watching what he couldn’t have. I showed him my pink pussy hole and how wet I was shoving my fingers inside of me. He took his cock out and started stroking it for me but we got interrupted by my door bell.

He has no idea but I invited my guy friend over from the gym and thought it would be fun to make him watch me get freaky with another mans cock. I came back to the phone with my friend and showed my boyfriend how big his dick was.

I made sure to prop the phone up perfectly so that he could see every position my friend was going to give me his cock. I started out sucking him into my mouth getting it completely wet with my spit and making it throbbing hard.

My friend could not take it and decided to push me on my back and put my legs over my head so that way he could shove his huge cock as deep as it could go inside of me. He was stretching my pussy open so wide. It felt so good.

I was getting his dick so wet and with each thrust hard and deeper I could feel myself about to squirt all over it. He pounded my pussy until I was finally done squirting all over his cock and then unleashed his jizz inside my pussy.

Now when my boyfriend comes back he will have some panties that I made a mess into to lick up!

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