Phone Chat Lines For Fetishes

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are for all you wanting a taste of the orient. Petite, tight, small tits and tiny holes. A craving that I will be happy to satisfy. Nothing better than a sweetheart shaped ass bent over in front of you. The smooth porcelain skin and perfect ass. You push my cheeks apart revealing my tight tiny hole just begging to be touched. You rub your tongue around my hole and devour my ass making my pussy throb with anticipation. I begin to gape as you push your rock-hard throbbing cock deep inside my ass. You pound my ass but don’t want to unload there. You pull out and push me to my knees. I clean your juices and my ass off your cock before you turn my around again and put your cock deep inside my tight wet juicy cunt. Pulling my hair and pushing deep. I feel your balls beat against me and my slit throbs. Your cock quivers and you give one last deep hard thrust inside me and hold. I feel your warm big thick load fill my tight pussy as I scream in ecstasy. Doesn’t that sound like fun baby? My phone chat lines are open, and I am ready for you.

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